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Ms Nguyen Thi Viet Phuong has been a Vietnamese interpreter and translator in Singapore for more than 10 years. She has assisted the Courts, Police, Prisons, Registrar of Marriages ( ROM ), Immigrations and Vietnam Embassy in Singapore.

Living in Singapore she is well-versed with the educational system, social and business environment. She is well-positioned to assist you in meeting your business requirements.

1. Services for Vietnamese in Singapore regarding Marriage and Family matters
+ Filing of Marriages
+ Interpretation of Marriages (Vietnamese language)
+ Translation of Legal Documents (Vietnamese language) (Birth certificates, Education certificates, Divorce documents, Marriage certificates, etc)
+ Interpretation of Statutory Declarations, before Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public and Court
+ Application for Long Term Visit Pass, Permanent Residency
+ Consultancy regarding employment in Singapore

2. Services regarding Investments, Businesses and Trading for Vietnam Companies
+ Interpretation for conferences, seminars, business meetings, etc (Simultaneous & Consecutive)
+ Translation of Legal Documents (Legal contracts, Company documents, Official / Court documents)
+ Interpretation for Arbitration proceedings regarding trade matters
+ Registration and setting up of Businesses and Companies
+ Consultancy regarding Investments, Financing and Legal matters for companies
+ Sourcing of goods and services for companies

3. Healthcare Services
+ Liaise with relevant doctors in Singapore
+ Pickup patients from the airport, and arrange hospitality services (accommodation, meals & transport, etc)
+ Complete formalities to see doctors & check-in hospitals
+ Interpretation for patients during medical consultations
+ Complete health screening packages for both men, women and elderly

Qualifications of Interpreter – Ms Nguyen Viet Phuong:
+ Graduated from Hanoi University of Foreign Studies (BA, Major in English) (1994)
+ Graduated from Hanoi University of Foreign Studies (Advanced English Interpreter Certificate, Major in Simultaneous English Interpretation) (1996)
+ Graduated from National Economics University (BA, Major in Commerce) (1998)
+ Graduated from National University of Singapore (MA, Major in Southeast Asian Studies) (2003)

* Click here for Ms Viet Phuong’s Curricula Vitae

Tel: (65) 90603192
Email: [email protected]

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